The Design and Implementation of a Scalable DL Benchmarking Platform. To appear in CLOUD 2020, 2020.

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DLSpec: A Deep Learning Task Exchange Specification. To appear in USENIX OpML, 2020.

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MLModelScope: A Distributed Platform for Model Evaluation and Benchmarking at Scale. In ArXiv, 2020.

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XSP: Across-Stack Profiling and Analysis of Machine Learning Models on GPUs. To appear in IPDPS, 2020.

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The Design and Implementation of the Wolfram Language Compiler. CGO, 2020.

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DLBricks: Composable Benchmark Generation to Reduce Deep Learning Benchmarking Effort on CPUs. To appear in ICPE, 2020.

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Challenges and Pitfalls of Reproducing Machine Learning Artifacts. In ArXiv, 2019.

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Accelerating Reduction and Scan Using Tensor Core Units. ICS, 2019.

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Evaluating Characteristics of CUDA Communication Primitives on High-Bandwidth Interconnects. In ICPE, 2019.

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Accelerating Reduction Using Tensor Core Units. HPCaML, 2019.

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SCOPE: C3SR Systems Characterization and Benchmarking Framework. In ArXiv, 2018.

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